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Family Law / Divorce

We are experienced and specialized in divorce and family law providing a supervised services for an affordable low cost of a complete divorce. In representing your interest we can tackle a broad range of related issues with divorce including complex custody, support, and property division issues.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 / Chapter 13

You don’t have to fight this battle alone. If you’re overwhelmed by debt and can’t find a way out, it’s time to talk with us. The solution to your financial problems may be right in front of you.

Creditors and debt collectors don’t want you to know that help is available, but we do. Talk to us and get the information you need to make powerful, educated decisions about your future.


“You are getting a divorce because you and your spouse have issues that have torn you apart”

Sometimes, you can get past the hurt and come to an agreement on the terms of your divorce. But other times things have gotten so bad, reaching a compromise seems impossible. Although California is a no-fault divorce and community property state, there are many factors –including child custody, pre-nuptial agreements, and complex property ownership – that can keep your divorce from being simple. Schedule a consultation with us, rest assure we at legal angels paralegals is someone you can rely on in this trying moment.


  • david g testimonialDave T.
    Barbara is truly an "Angel"

    Barbara is truly an "Angel" I thought that I could get an uncontested divorce filled on my own just to find out how many levels of bureaucracy I had to deal with ...... She took me in the same day and after a few hours she took care of the rest. If you have a need to consult someone honest, give them a call. Thank you.
  • Gabriela T.
    Very welcoming made me feel very comfortable

    Barbara was very helpful very welcoming made me feel very comfortable. I was updated on the status of everything and explained everything that was being done and why, she works fast and attends to your needs. I loved working with her for filing my divorce and appreciate everything she did for me. She always worked with my schedule and always made time to see me with her busy schedule Barbara truly is an angel
  • Heather C.
    She made the whole process so much easier!

    Barbara helped me with the paperwork needed to finish my divorce. She made the whole process so much easier! She even went the extra mile to check on it to give me updates. I highly recommend Legal Angels I'll definitely go back if I ever need any other paperwork done for the courts. She makes it so easy!


– Legal Angels Paralegal

Why engage us?

  1. We are experienced, knowledgeable, dependable, friendly, compassionate and affordable.
  2. We are located just one block from the Superior Court in Chula Vista, California, and only 15 minutes drive from the downtown Court.
  3. We take the documents ourselves to the courts, so that you do not have to lose valuable time.
  4. We are in direct contact with the court clerks on a daily basis following up on deadlines, checking dockets, and acting as liaison to our clients.
  5. You may choose to hire our in-house attorney to represent you in court, if you choose to do so.
  6. At least one of us speaks Spanish.
  7. At least one of us speaks Italian.

First interview with an angel, What to expect?

  1.  You will be provided with a brief questionnaire.
  2.   We listen carefully to your concerns in order to determine what orders to seek that will be in yours  and your children’s best interest.
  3.   If there are Thrift Savings Plans, Retirement Funds and IRAs, we will assist you to get your fair share.
  4.   If your spouse has an attorney, you may request our in-house attorney to represent you in court.
  5.   If there is domestic violence, we will assist you in obtaining a restraining order.

Our services

  • Bankruptcy

    1. Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies (we can help you find out which chapter to best pursue)
    2. Bankruptcy filings
  • Estate Planning

    1. Power of attorney
    2. Will
    3. 10 mile range


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